Super Red Maeng DA


  • High Quality Kratom Powder (Stem Free)
  • Derived from 100% Organic Leaves
  • Full Refund Guaranteed

Super Red Maeng Da is most commonly known for its ability to reduce pain and provide energy. The red leaves (which is how it obtained its name) are natural pain relievers that give this kratom strain its medicinal value. Therefore, making it a great substitute for harmful painkillers that tend to be associated with long term side effects. Many people who use Super Red Maeng Da claim that the strain is an excellent choice for those who suffer from chronic pain. People who endure joint pain or arthritis can benefit from Super Red Maeng Da as well. One property that is relatively unique to Super Red Maeng Da is the ability to diminish opiate withdrawal symptoms for people with opiate addictions.

Super Red Maeng Da is safe to use on a daily basis. Its purity allows people to consume smaller doses and still obtain the same desired effects. We suggest consuming one gram as a starting dose and working your way up. Most people who suffer from pain tend to choose Super Red Maeng Da over any other strain.

Super Red Maeng Da Effects

  • Mild Stimulation
  • Strong Pain Relief

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