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Why potent red Bali kratom is an excellent sedating strain
Red Bali kratom is one of the best sedative strains for kratom users on a budget. Originating from the picturesque island of Bali in Indonesia, red Bali kratom is a classic Southeast Asian slow strain – a perfect kratom for pain relief – that has been taken as an alternative remedy by Indonesians for centuries.
But red Bali kratom has since become a worldwide, herbal phenomenon, with users loving the calm, relaxing tranquillity that this wonderful strain offers. Nowadays, you can buy kratom online all over the world, even in the United States. But let’s start in Bali, and look at the history of this legendary strain.


Gorgeous Bali, home to the world-class red Bali kratom
Bali is a popular tourist island in the Southeast Asian country Indonesia. The population of Bali is over four million, and its people are renowned for their kindness and friendly spirit. Like its kratom namesake, Bali is a relaxing holiday destination, a favorite of travellers looking to get away from the hustle and bustle.
Although, despite its name, in recent years not all red Bali kratom products have originated from the island of Bali, but surrounding Indonesian islands and the jungle island of Borneo. While these aren’t technically red Bali kratom strains, their properties are very similar and will provide a similar experience. Indeed, red Bali kratom has many of the qualities that the island does: it’s tranquil, calming and very relaxing, just as all high-grade red vein kratom strains are.
However, with the differences between strains and the fact that there’s occasionally debate on the origin of particular plants, it’s easy to understand why the effects can sometimes vary. Ultimately, natural, therapeutic treatments are going to be a little more inconsistent with dosages than prescription products that have been manufactured with specific concentrations in mind. But, with practice, you’ll learn to love the authenticity of natural solutions and be comfortable to go with the kratom flow.

When researching all kratom strains, it’s important to carry out three steps that will enable you to better understand a strain’s features and its corresponding effects.

Firstly, reading reports from users of the strain you’re considering (in particular those treating similar ailments to you) so you can prepare well for your own kratom session. Secondly, factor in any personal experience that you may have with the strain you’re taking, or similar kratom strains, such as those with the same vein. And thirdly, ensure that you’re purchasing from a reputable brand – we stock only high-grade kratom capsules, powders, extracts and teas at

Now let’s investigate the reported benefits from taking red Bali kratom.


General red bali kratom benefits
Red bali kratom in strains. Users of red Bali kratom – and there are a lot of them! – overwhelmingly agree that the strain takes effect very quickly, helps deliver pain relief and is a useful agent in ending opioid addiction.


Immediate effects of red Bali
Red Bali kratom tends to take effect very quickly after ingestion according to most users, although capsules will take a little longer as the capsule must be digested before the mitragynine in the kratom powder can get to work.


Red Bali boasts strength
In recent years, red Bali kratom has become a lot stronger, which is great news for users who will be able to receive the same therapeutic effects with lighter dosages. Users agree that red Bali brings relaxation throughout the body. Don’t fight the intense sedative properties after taking red Bali – take a few hours to fully enjoy a session and its effects.
However, red Bali doesn’t last quite as long as some of the other red vein strains, with that additional earlier intensity shaving around two hours off the overall experience. If you lead a busy life and can’t afford to take six hours to medicate, red Bali might be your preferred sedative strain.
Red Bali kratom is stacked with analgesic qualities, making the strain perfect at tackling chronic pain and arthritis. This kratom helps to numb pain and bring calm to the body and mind.
This beautiful red-vein kratom strain also helps to reduce stress levels in the user, while the relaxing and calming traits kick in early and lasting the whole session.


Using red Bali kratom to end dependence on opiates
Many people are using kratom as a way of ending or reducing their dependence on prescribed, opioid medication. Red Bali kratom has some similarities to opiates, interacting with the same receptors, but its far less aggressive properties mean kratom is a useful way to deal with opiate withdrawal cravings.
The Opiate Freedom Center has spoken positively of kratom as an agent to quell withdrawal symptoms and speed up the overall withdrawal process. Red bali is also used as a substitute treatment for fever and general aches and pains.


Mixing red Bali with other strains of kratom
Seasoned kratom users may feel confident enough to combine their red Bali kratom with other strains, in an attempt to experience both the sedative and stimulant effects of the plant, or for more nuanced reasons. You’ll be pleased to know that blending strains is a safe and simple process – providing the overall dosage isn’t beyond what you’d normally take, there won’t be a problem.
If combined, red Bali is usually done so with another sedative strain such as Borneo or Indo to extend the overall length of the pain-relieving sensations. With red Bali kratom administering a shorter session on its own, adding it to a blend really helps to accentuate the strong pain-alleviating features of the strain.


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