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Red Horn kratom is a very unique type of strain because it is very difficult to predict its effects every time it is consumed. Sometimes the effects occur quickly, other times rather slowly. Additionally, many people tend to confuse it with Maeng Da. However, both strains are very distinct. Red Horn kratom is by far the rarest strain available. Like Maeng Da, it is native to the country of Thailand, which may lead to all the confusion between both strains.

Red Horn Kratom can be ingested as a natural way to relieve chronic pains. Despite the use of many strains for pleasurable effects, Red Horn is typically consumed for its medicinal benefits. In order to obtain a euphoric sensation from consuming Red Horn you would have to consume about 9 grams in one sitting. However, we highly recommend that you do NOT consume all 9 grams in one sitting because of the unpleasant side affects you may experience. When using Red Horn, you may feel comfort and at other times it just works as a chemical dose. As for its medicinal effects, Red Horn can reduce anxiety, pain, improve your mood, and/or energy. The results widely vary, but if you like the unpredictable and the unknown, this strain is right for you.

Red Horn Kratom Effects

  • Enhanced Mood
  • Pain Relief
  • Energy Boost
  • Anxiety Relief

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