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Get up to speed with kratom capsules (pills)

Kratom capsules (pills) are quickly emerging as one of the most common way of taking kratom. As well as being efficient and easy to take, kratom pills also don’t have the strong, bitter taste that kratom usually has when consuming it in powder form or chewing the leaves.

The kratom industry is growing in the West, the herbal, therapeutic jewel no longer a secret of Southeast Asia. This market development has enabled producers to manufacture kratom products tailored more to the user, hence why kratom capsules were invented, to eliminate that bity flavor some find unpleasant.

Read on to find out how you could perhaps benefit from taking kratom, discover the many reasons why Americans are turning to the plant and provide advice on how to best use kratom capsule products.

Why do people take kratom?

Over the past few years, kratom has been the subject of increasing US interest, with the public increasingly sceptical of prescription meds and considering the advantages of natural, therapeutic treatments. Others use kratom for recreational purposes.

With America’s opioid epidemic a growing problem, kratom offers those addicted to opioid medication an opportunity to break the cycle with an alternative that acts not unlike an opiate, but in a more helpful, less intense manner.

The kratom plant has a complex structure, with scientists aware of the existence of 40 bioactive compounds. It’s thought that most of these compounds, many of them alkaloids, have only subtle effects on the user, with just two or three significantly influencing the plant’s overall traits. These include mitragynine, the most dominant alkaloid, 7-hydroxyitragynine and 7-OH-mitragynine. Scientists have found that the 7-hydroxitragynine alkaloid has predominantly sedative abilities.

Is accuracy important when dosing with kratom?

Yes. Having a great experience with kratom is very dependent on administering the correct dosage for you. Much of this is thanks to kratom’s varying effects – small doses are typically stimulating whereas large doses are more sedating. Moreover, the strain of kratom and its veins will have their own unique effects – white vein strains (Maeng Da), are stimulating, red vein strains (Borneo, Indo) are sedating and green vein strains (Green Malaysian) have a balance of the two.

Before taking kratom for the first time, match up what you’re hoping to treat with the appropriate strain, and then determine what sort of dosage is best for you. When starting out smaller doses will suffice, however tolerance does build up with regular use.

Why take kratom pills (capsules) over kratom tea, kratom powder or kratom extract

Kratom capsules are perfect for novice users who won’t be familiar with the ‘toss and wash’ method used for kratom powder ingestion or equipped to administer precise dosages with tea. Kratom capsule products will always clearly label the potency of their capsules.

In terms of practicality, if you’re constantly on the move, you don’t have time to relax with herbal kratom tea or scoop down kratom powder, but you do have time to take a capsule. They are discreet, with no noticeable odor.

But more experienced users can also find benefits from kratom capsules. While the majority of pills have low to medium dosages, capsule manufacturers have also started to introduce more potent pills. Just check before taking them that you know exactly how much kratom you’re consuming.

Exact dosing, awesome portability and just as powerful as their alternatives – what’s not to love about kratom capsules?

Kratom capsules dosing tips

There’s no exact science behind dosing with kratom, and the following is not official medical advice, but tips on how to have a good experience with kratom capsules, keeping the beginner user in mind.

  • Choose a good strain for you: work out why you want to take kratom in the first place, and then pick a strain that tackles those issues or promotes those qualities you’re looking for. If you want sedation, then red vein strains like Bali kratom are excellent, but if you are trying to find the more mental, nootropic traits of kratom (such as increased focus), then white vein strains – Maeng Da is ideal – are better for you
  • Pick the right potency: when buying capsules, ensure they are of an appropriate potency. For example, if you are planning on a big dose, you don’t want weak pills as you may end up needing to take 20 of them. Higher potencies are more cost-effective
  • Seek out anecdotal advice: once you have your pills and are ready to go, browse around to see how others using kratom for the same reason as you have used their capsules effectively
  • Combine strains? Once more experienced with kratom, you could consider combining kratom pills of multiple strains – maybe you want mental stimulation as well as physical sedation
  • Enjoy your kratom experience: it’s very important to relax while on kratom and to trust the plant to deliver the effects you’re anticipating

    Kratom capsule sizes

Kratom pills vary significantly in size, with bigger pills generally containing higher dosages. Capsules are often made in a soft gel format to promote maximum absorption of alkaloids. The largest pills on sale are triple-0, styled as ‘000’.

Also common are the medium double-0 or ‘00’ pills, and these hold 550mg of kratom. In comparison, the ‘000’ pills are more potent than the ‘00’ pills, but are one-third bigger so harder to swallow.

Most kratom capsules will be either ‘000’ or ‘00’, both larger than the ‘0’ size which is standard for prescription medication capsules. Occasionally, you may see ‘size four’ pills, which are the smallest of all.

How many kratom capsules do I need for a session?

This is entirely down to what you want to gain from a kratom experience: for stimulating effects you’ll only require a couple of capsules, but for sedation and pain relief you’ll have to take more – unless, that is, you go for stronger capsules. In a nutshell, it varies.

The exact amount of kratom powder in a pill changes from brand to brand, but a rough guide is that a typical 00 pill contains around 0.5g of kratom – hence two pills equal 1 gram, four pills equal 2 grams, eight pills equal 4 grams and so on. But what counts as a “small dose” of kratom, and what counts as a “high dose”? Let’s find out.

Small kratom dosages

If you’re taking kratom as a stimulant, a great white vein strain to go with is Maeng Da – around 2 to 4 grams (four to eight capsules) will be enough when your tolerance is low. If you’re using a moderate strain for stimulation purposes, then you won’t need to take quite as much.

Dosing lightly with kratom helps to bring out the mental nootropic qualities of the plant that make it so popular with students, who use it to help prepare for examinations. The majority of nootropics available artificially enhance concentration, but kratom acts as a natural nootropic, boosting focus by reducing background noise.

Moderate kratom dosages

Moderate dosages are liked by nearly all users, as they’re the best way of getting stimulation and sedation from their kratom experience. Anecdotal reports suggest that a moderate kratom dose lasts for around three hours, and while it may physically relax the user, the body is stimulated mentally, and for longer than it would be with a purely stimulating strain.

Green Malaysian is the best-known green vein, moderate strain, and is a favorite with kratom users who seek its therapeutic properties throughout the day. A 4-gram dose (eight kratom capsules) is a good amount to take when having a moderate session.

The nootropic effects experienced with a light kratom dose include enhanced concentration, alongside improved mood and energy. People wanting to use kratom to reduce opiate dependence are best served with a medium-level kratom dose, ideally taken when cravings first begin.

We recommend a 4-gram kratom dose to enjoy moderate kratom effects. That translates to eight 00 kratom capsules, but be prepared to take two or three extra with consistent use, as your higher tolerance will demand more to produce the same effects.

High kratom dosages

High kratom dosages are designed for those who want a really sedating experience on kratom, where they are relaxed and tranquil for five or six hours. When dosing at this level, kratom can induce euphoric sensations, which recreational users tend to look for. Also present in high doses are the anxiolytic, anti-depressant and analgesic qualities of kratom and the mitragynine alkaloid, explaining why kratom is used as an alternative anxiety and depression treatment and to combat chronic pain.

You may want to find stronger pills if taking high kratom dosages, otherwise you’ll need 20 capsules for high 10-gram dose. We suggest not consuming very high dosages too regularly, as your tolerance will build up too high and you may become dependent on kratom. But this advice applies to any type of treatment, whether it’s prescription or not – always exercise common sense.

Are kratom capsules better than kratom powder?

The actual product is pretty much the same, since kratom pills are just soft gel capsules which contain kratom powder. But in terms of ingesting, kratom capsules are certainly much easier to work with than kratom powder, which requires you to use the ‘toss and wash’ method which may be intimidating for a first-time kratom user. Capsules take a bit longer to kick in than straight kratom powder, as the powder isn’t actually released with the former until the capsule is digested by the body.

Should I take kratom capsules?

For daytime kratom users, capsules are by far the most efficient and cleanest method of ingesting kratom. Pills allow you to accurately gauge your dose, and you just have to take the pill, not wash it around your mouth like you have to do with kratom powder. Buying kratom capsules in bulk is a cost-effective measure if you use them a lot.

That’s not to say kratom powder doesn’t have its advantages – once you’re fully aware of kratom and various strains and veins, you’ll feel comfortable in picking and choosing, as well as altering your dose. But when getting to grips with this powerful plant, having a simple, structured set-up is crucial for a good experience – and that’s where kratom capsules shine.

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