The comprehensive guide to buying and consuming kratom tea

In recent years, kratom has become very accessible and can now be ingested in several ways. Kratom tea products are perhaps the most popular way of consuming kratom.

Kratom is sold in three different forms – resin, powder and leaves. Powder and resin products are generally much more potent than leaves, although the strain of the plant, its age and even its veins can also affect strength.

If you want to create your own kratom products, then purchasing “commercial leaves”, a random combination of kratom leaves of various strengths are a good way of doing so. Also look out for kratom leaf products using specially chosen kratom leaves, as these tend to be better quality than commercial leaves and have higher potencies. Some powder products on the market are just grinded up kratom leaves, which can then be used to create hand-crafted kratom tea.

However, it’s easier to just purchase kratom tea pre-made, and it’s these products that we’re going to specifically focus on in this article.

Why choose kratom tea

If you already like tea, then making kratom tea your preferred choice for kratom consumption is a no-brainer – there are many wonderful herbal tea products you can mix a kratom tea recipe into, giving you the kratom benefits alongside the general therapeutic properties already in the tea. Furthermore, kratom is just as effective when stirred into tea, and because you have control of how much you put in, you’re in total control over the strength of your beverage. You could make a whole flask and take it throughout the day, or create a more concentrated concoction for quick medicating.

Tea makes for faster kratom absorption into the bloodstream than capsules or chewing the leaves, because the alkaloids from the kratom are released into the liquid, with this “activation” making it easier for the body to absorb once in your system. Kratom leaves and herbal teas have been used by Southeast Asian cultures native to where the powerful plant grows. Don’t worry about a hot tea killing off kratom’s properties, making it less efficient – mitragynine, the primary alkaloid in kratom, can withstand both very hot and very cold temperatures.

How to make kratom tea with kratom powder

Before you decide on making kratom tea with your own kratom powder, establish why you want to use kratom and determine which strain is best equipped for your needs. Browse our range of powder strains, which offer various stimulant and sedative qualities depending on the strain, age, vein, origin of the kratom plant.

Want a strain that delivers ultimate sedation, allowing for several hours of relaxation in a calm-promoting period? Then a strain like Red Borneo is ideal for you.

Need a strain to give you some relief from anxiety, infuse you with natural energy and improve your self-confidence in social scenarios? A white vein strain such as Maeng Da would be excellent.

Whichever powdered strain you settle on, remember that dosage is always key, as whatever the strain, low dosages promote stimulation while high dosages promote sedation, and that there are other subtle factors that make the “best” kratom strain more down to personal opinion than scientific fact. And only by trying a few strains will you truly be able to gauge which kratom is best for you.

Making kratom drinks with kratom powder is an efficient way to medicate precisely, but for better taste, you’re better off making kratom tea from scratch. Here’s how to do it.

Making kratom tea with kratom leaves

Take your powdered kratom leaves than place them in hot water for around 10 minutes, giving the alkaloids chance to be released and activated. Then choose your favorite herbal tea blend and add as you normally would when making your own brew. If you have a sweet tooth or just want to mask the earthiness of the kratom, stir in some honey or sugar.

But you don’t have to go through the entire process every time you want kratom tea. Instead, you can make batches of kratom pellets out of the paste which results from boiling leaves for a long period. These are popped into tea and taken as an on-demand treatment. Technically, you could even eat the pellets as they are, although the bitter kratom taste may return here, and most use kratom tea because it covers up the flavor.

  • Kratom tea extracts are popular as they are typically more potent than standard kratom teas. Here’s how to make them.
  • Start by crushing 2oz of kratom leaves, and adding to a pot with 1 liter of water
  • Boil pot for 20 minutes before transferring the tea into a bowl through a strainer
  • After straining, squeeze the leaves to get any additional liquid into the final tea
  • Repeat this process two or three times to maximize alkaloid extraction
  • Take all of your liquid and boil it, until it reduces down to less than 5 percent of the original amount (3 liters of kratom tea should be boiled down to less than 150ml)

You can always make your extract stronger or weaker by starting with more or less than the recommended 2oz, but change the amount of leaves rather than the amount of water. We advise that you drink kratom tea within five days of making it to ensure you get the full effects of the therapeutic mix. However, by adding alcohol to your kratom tea, you can extend its lifespan by many months, providing you keep it refrigerated. To make kratom tea at 10% strength, add one-part of a 40% spirit to three parts kratom tea.

Generally, though, we would recommend to take your kratom tea as it is, and to consume it as quickly as possible. Some kratom users have found smoking marijuana (or ingesting cannabis via another method) has helped to make the kratom experience more enjoyable, others choose to smoke tobacco cigarettes.

Kratom tea dosage guide

Obviously it’s vital to add the correct amount of kratom powder to your tea, otherwise you may not experience the intended effects, and you might take more than your body can comfortably take. Use this as a rough guide:

One gram: very mild effects

Three grams: mild effects

Five grams: moderate to strong effects, depending on tolerance

Ten grams: strong effects

Fifteen grams: very strong effects, recommended only for regular, long-term kratom users

Because kratom extract is much more potent, you won’t need to take as much. A good kratom extract brand will clearly state dosage guidelines for their products on the packaging.

Brewing tips to make your kratom tea taste great

Not everybody is a fan of the sharp bitterness taste of kratom, which is apparent when administered in powder form, capsule form and tea form. However, it’s much easier to influence the flavor of kratom tea, by mixing in sweeteners like sugar and honey. You could also add cinnamon or stevia to your tea.

If hot drinks aren’t your thing, feel free to serve your kratom tea over ice, or chill it down beforehand. Lemon, lime or both delivers a citrusy boost that cancels out the bitter kratom, and the acidity of these fruits help to protect the therapeutic alkaloids when in the tea.

Once you’re ready to drink your kratom tea, be prepared to wait for half an hour – or maybe longer – for the mitragynine to kick in. As always with herbal products, the effects vary from person to person, so don’t hesitate to tweak the variables until you’re satisfied.

Specialized kratom tea recipes

Over generations, specialized kratom tea recipes have been developed by those most familiar with the plant. These help to transform bitter concoctions into delicious beverages. Let’s check out the “Speciosa Chai” recipe and some other kratom blends that can be made really cheaply.

Speciosa Chai

The Speciosa Chai turns kratom tea into a chai beverage similar to those you would find in South Asia. Start by condensing your tea down to about 4oz, and combining it with the same amount of chai tea mixture. That’s all you need to do, but you can also add sugar and some cream or milk.

Pump flavorings, typically used for fruit juice cordials, are a good beverage-sweetening addition too.

Final thoughts on kratom tea

Kratom tea is definitely the best way of consuming kratom if you really cannot stand the bitterness – its liquid form lets you do plenty with the flavor to give it a personalized, unique twist.

If you don’t want to measure out the kratom yourself when making tea, you’ll be pleased to know that kratom tea bags are now available in several potencies.

With all the strains on sale, kratom tea is the ideal way to become stimulated or sedated with kratom. For stimulating, on-the-go use, kratom tea is very discreet and has no detectable odor, so could be decanted into a flask and enjoyed at regular intervals during the day.

Now you’re all set to browse our high-quality kratom products and start your kratom tea journey today!