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Native to Southeast Asia, kratom is a tree with immensely powerful leaves that people all around the world take as a form of alternative medication. Both a stimulant and sedative, kratom is great at dealing with chronic pain, digestion issues and a range of other ailments. Kratom is often used by people who are trying to stop taking opioid-based medication.  No prescription is needed to buy kratom products such as tea, powder and pills, yet many users find it just as effective as prescription medication, without the worry of addiction. 

Why take kratom?

Kratom is a natural stimulant when consumed in low dosages. Increased alertness and energy are commonly reported feelings after taking kratom. When consumed in higher dosages, kratom works more as a sedative, numbing sensations in the body, such as chronic pain.  Kratom is considered an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic because of the active mitragynine and 7-hydromxymitragynine alkaloids found in the leaves. Kratom helps to relax muscles and is therefore used to treat fibromyalgia symptoms. 

How to use kratom

Kratom leaves have a rich, dark green appearance and are typically mashed into powder before being consumed. But you don’t need to do the hard work, because we sell kratom in pills, powders and teas so you can get the benefits without the hassle.   

Kratom as a stimulant 

A little kratom is all you’ll need to enjoy the stimulating effects. Feelings of alertness and sociability should kick in after around 10 minutes, and normally last around 90 minutes – these timings will vary from person to person. Heightened concentration is another reported stimulating effect of kratom – the clearing of brain fog and extra focus makes it great to study on.   The additional sociability people feel after taking kratom can have a multiplier effect. As users become more comfortable with social situations, they feel more confident about engaging in future social scenarios. 

Kratom as a sedative 

A much bigger dose of kratom is required to experience the sedating effects, but these do last much longer. Calmness, relaxation and pain relief can soothe your body for up to six hours.   Unsurprisingly, all of these effects mean that kratom is used by some as a sleeping agent. It helps to shut the mind down and stop thoughts racing, allowing you a peaceful, tranquil period before you drift off to sleep. Regular kratom use helps to regulate sleep patterns, and users find they wake up rejuvenated and energetic the following morning after taking it.  The analgesic properties of kratom deliver much more than just chronic pain relief. Fierce headaches and migraines can be treated with it, as can intense rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Traditional painkillers may well do the same, but high-strength prescription medication is often very addictive. 

Kratom for anxiety

While pain relief and enhanced mood are two primary reasons for taking kratom, there are many other conditions and ailments users have found it has helped with.  The calming, relaxing anxiolytic properties of kratom have been linked to reduced anxiety levels, which may be connected to the increased sociability felt following a small dose of kratom. This process could theoretically repeat until anxiety is gone or easy to control.  

Health benefits of kratom

In Southeast Asian countries, kratom has been used as medicine for centuries. While all anecdotal, kratom has been claimed to encourage weight loss and promote physical activity. It’s also said to help control blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure. Moreover, advocates believe taking kratom is a great way to strengthen the immune system, because of its anti-bacterial and anti-viral traits.  

Kratom pills 

The easiest way to ingest kratom is to take kratom pills or capsules. Control over dosages is one big advantage of kratom pills, with packaging showing just how much each pill contains. You can also see where the kratom was sourced and what strain it is.   Furthermore, with kratom pills, you have the convenience of quick preparation (literally just taking the capsule out of the tub and swallowing it) and you dodge the bitter taste of the kratom.   

Kratom tea

Effects of kratom tea do differ slightly from other kratom products. Users report a more stimulating experience when medicating with tea over powder or pills, with less of the pain-relieving sedation. Kratom is absorbed and digested by the body very quickly when consumed in tea, and on an empty stomached, the stimulating, mood-boosting feeling is enhanced even further.   Therefore, those wanting to use kratom strictly for pain relief may prefer kratom pills or kratom powder. However, if improved sociability, mood and energy are what you’re seeking, then kratom tea offers the most relevant medicating experience for you.   Experienced kratom users sometimes mix kratom tea with powder to enjoy stimulation first and sedation later. The stimulating phase will last for about an hour, after which sedative feelings will take over. Some find this combination of kratom very bitter and hard to get used to, but for others, it’s their favorite medicating method.  Kratom tea tastes bitter generally, but don’t let this put you off. The earthy, bitter taste is new to your palette, and you’ll quickly become acclimatized to it. And it’s great to break from caffeinated and sugary drinks with a natural alternative packed with benefits.  

Kratom powder

The kratom powder stocked here is very fine to deliver efficient, quality medicating. Loved for its versatility, kratom powder is typically taken with water, or added to beverages (e.g. kratom tea) and food. This way you can mask the bitter taste when consuming the kratom. Various concentrations of kratom powder are available.  

Final thoughts 

Kratom is new to the American scene, but the potential of this Asian tree and its leaves is apparent. That it can provide vastly different stimulating and sedating sensations is incredible, and for that alone it’s no surprise why people are so excited.   Furthermore, with the problem of addictive prescription medication going, that kratom is being touted as a solution is interesting, and yet more evidence that consumers are drifting from manufactured medication to natural alternatives.